Savor the Flavors

I've been living in or around the city of Seattle for pushing 14 years (whoa.), and never had I heard a whisper about Savor Seattle until a friend who moved away to Minnesota made me a reservation. What I've been missing! In a nutshell, the concept is a themed walking tour of a Seattle neighborhood, complete with delectable food and drink and preferential treatment at each stop. Examples: Pike Place Market. Chocolate. Gourmet Restaurants. Yeah. Top each off with a witty, crazy-knowledgeable guide, and there you have it: Savor Seattle.
My wonderful friend Katy made reservations for all of us who helped her pull the trigger on purchasing a wedding dress earlier in the day, so a celebration was had on our tour: Booze and Bites. Small plates and a half-size drink at each location (six, in this case), perfectly paired and all super different and delicious.
Tacos and a mini marg at El Barracho.
The underground (seriously, you look UP at the sidewalk) bar of The Can Can
Bon Apetit magazine calls it a "must on any foodie traveler's to-see list" and TripAdvisor.com puts it in the top 10 tours in America, and the #1 attraction in Seattle. Do you see why I can't figure out how I've gone all these years without knowing?!
Some highlights, including a drink that begins with a glass full of cotton candy (top right)!
The card given at the tour's end offers a discount at a laundry list of downtown hot spots.
Go as a group, go on a date, go as a single: Guaranteed fun, good food, and a little more knowledge about a city with a fascinating history. Delicious.

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