Hawks Pox

I'm telling you, it's a sickness. The whole state of Washington is Seahawk cuh-ray-zee, and we're getting pretty much nothing but Superbowl prep coverage from tv news to radio to print. So I'm jumping on the crazy train (no, not the bandwagon, I'm already a fan thankyouverymuch) and offering up a compilation of my own game day goodness goodies.

Patriots fans, look away.
What's Superbowl Sunday without decadent snacks?! My go-to for any and every gathering is Buffalo Chicken Dip. It's hearty, tasty, and I've legitimately never met anyone who doesn't like it.
Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip. Photo by CulinaryExplorer
If you want some color, I think I'm going to try out this Hawk Corn, created by the ladies of Our Best Bites. Blue and green candy corn with a Skittles chaser? Yep. Beast Mode: Engage.
Seahawks Superbowl Popcorn from Our Best Bites
More of a chocolate-based sweet snacker? Check out this toothsome treat that piles (get ready) M&Ms on frosting on brownies on oreos on chocolate chip cookie, all with a dash of peppermint thrown in. And again I say: Yep.
Superbowl Slutty Brownies
I've also been thoroughly entertained by the memes floating around the interwebs lately. Nate and I are in a constant group text with some friends and these visual gems have been flying thick and fast.
Last but not least, check out this post from Thrifty NW Mom for some free printable Seahawks decorations you can use on game day. Or take some inspiration and whip up your own!
Free Printable Seahawks Game Day Decorations
Above all... Go Hawks!


Random Round Up: Spring Tease

Happy monday, y'all. It was a gorgeous weekend here, with temps much warmer than normal. It left me itching for sandals and yard work... But I have a feeling this is just a teaser.
Fresh ink for my friend Katy and I (Chani at Good Karma is amazing if you're local-ish!)
Nate brought home salt... and I couldn't help but compare this photo of my mom. Uncanny!
A couple new recipes this last week - We have a winner with this one!
The temps were warm this weekend - We took advantage at the beach!
The morning light was just painterly and perfect.
The count down to the Superbowl is on - A big deal around these parts as the Seahawks make their second trip in as many years. Look for some game-day prepping fun right here later in the week!


Closet Talk

Talking to a friend about closet clutter recently I shared my favorite trick to fix it - one I thought was old news - and she ate it up. So I figured I'd better share it with you guys just in case.

It easily qualifies as my favorite because it pretty much requires no work. Ready?
1) Open your closet.
2) Turn all your hangers so the open side of the hook is facing you.
3) Come back next January. Any hangers still facing the 'wrong' way? Time to assess those pieces and give 'em away or rework them to suit your needs.
Simple, right? January is the easiest time for me as it's the whole new-year-fresh-start thing, plus I've probably gotten some clothes for Christmas and need a hanger or two. Flipping the hangers gives you an obvious visual of what you're not wearing, without having to do an entire closet overhaul the next time you're trying to wedge something in.

Get flippin'!


Random Round Up: Girl Time

So apparently this is what I do now, post once a week. I feel like I go through this every year: A lull in creativity, in inspiration, in motivation. Ideas are percolating, but instead of bursting forth in a can't-keep-up tirade like 'normal', it's more of a swimming-groggily-towards-a-filtered-light-source pace.
Regardless, a Random Round Up you shall have.
It was Girls Weekend with my BFFs/college roomies.
So we went for a walk around our old stompin' grounds.
Even coerced some nice current students into snapping a pic for us.
Delicious dining out on Mexican at a much-touted restaurant.
All capped off in the best way with a 'Hawks trip to the Superbowl all locked up!
Don't give up on me quite yet, I'm bound to come back to life soon!


Random Round Up: Floats and Cones

Anyone else having a rough time getting up and going this week? Welp, better Tuesday than never.
This kiddo lost a toenail (it was brutal) and won a trip to the puppy ER.
We had to upgrade our fan - AGAIN. Sprung for a little more $$ and a warranty this time.
My work treat for 2015: A Brittany Fusan planner.
Adventures in trying to like beer: A Split-Shot and coconut milk ice cream float.
Our li'l cousin was a little nervous about the Hawks game on Saturday.
Have a happy week!


Random Round Up: Christmas Past

Back to life, back to reality.... In a second. For now, some happy holiday snaps.
My in-laws' lovely tree.
EARLY morning Christmas day drive-by made for an Impressionist Seattle.
Everyone loves a new Christmas toy.
First morning light and first morning train at the park.
Peering through the moss at this tiny 'frost flower' anomaly recurring in my back yard.
Welcome to the new year everyone!


Top 5 of 2014

Last year I rounded up the top five attention-getting posts of the year, and it was so interesting (probably only for me, but hey) that it's officially an annual event as of right now.

Sometimes I understand why a post is popular immediately, and sometimes... well sometimes I just end up thinking the world is a pretty weird and wonderful place. I'm happy people like the same things I do, and get even the tiniest kick of seeing those things in black and white here on this blog.

Drumroll please...
The top half of the kitchen cabinets was made over, grubby before photos and all. Funnily the whole-kitchen reveal didn't get quite as much attention. 

This is good stuff, guys, and I'm glad you were into it! It really does work wonders. I'm still a believer.

This fast, easy, and personalized baby gift is fun and do-able for anyone!

It's a tie for fourth place! Apparently people really dig a wooden furniture element (and watching me struggle).

THANK YOU! This makes my day that it's a top five-er. And better yet, you can still get in on the feel-good fun by donating right here (she's over half way to her goal!).

Thanks for another wonderful year, all of you! Cheers to what's ahead, whatever it may be.