Every time I've left an apartment, I've never looked back . On to bigger and better, right?

Well this one is a little different - We're officially outta there today, and I'm a little sad that I'll never get to go back in to good ol' 9F (Nate's apartment) again.
Why? Well, on June 30th of last year - my birthday - little did I know that Mr. Nate had plans to propose to me on the beach we love after my chosen b-day dinner. Thrown off by wind/rain/tide-being-in/NERVES... the Big Question ended up being popped in the apartment kitchen.

It's okay, there were flowers and cake involved.

So, much to his present day chagrin, I made him ignore the cleaning chaos of the apartment this weekend and "re-create" the proposal so I could have photographic evidence to look back on.
Can't you tell he's thrilled?! He's a patient guy, this one.


Counter Balanced

The countertops went in ... er, on... last Thursday, and seriously could not look better.

We want to do something  yummy like granite when we know what a full bank account looks like again at some point in the future, so for now decided to go with Formica laminate in the color Jamocha Granite through Lowe's (if you order online and have it shipped to the store there's no shipping fee!).

How appropriate for the region, eh? Totally looking forward to being my own barista on my coffee-themed counters (no bikini baristas* though, sorry.)

The original, minus the HOLES that were spackled out.
Nate & Brian measure, measure, measure.
Glue on meeting surfaces, laminate going on!!
Talk about contrast...
It's on!! It's on!!
Oh - So - Pretty. Even with removed backsplash marks.
You know we had to drop the sink in just to get the full idea.
Check 'er out, quite the transformation eh? And all for under $100. The install is all thanks to Nate's amazing buddy Brian who is a former contractor. He had the know-how AND the patience to direct newbies like Nate and I as we tried to assist him / try not to ruin anything.

*Yes, bikini barista stands are literally on every corner up here - The regular ones that just serve coffee have to advertise that they're "family friendly". So prep for that, wedding out-of-towners. My apologies on the behalf of Western Washington. Ugh.


Movin' On Up

It's moving day!!
Last night was the LAST NIGHT EVER in an apartment. And after 12 years (if you count a dorm room, which is practically the same as trying to live in a studio with another person*), I am sooooooooooo ready to be done.



From Someone Who Knows

Found this hilarious take (rant?) on a blog I frequent (HealthyAshley) - Her name happens to be Ashley too, but she's on the opposite end of the country in Florida.

Had to post it because I just so identify.... Her list of things a bride should be ready for :

1. ) Yes, having a vagina automatically makes you responsible for all 250 “to-do’s” on The Knot’s wedding checklist.
2..) Have a guest list? Most of the people you want there won’t be able to make it. People with names you’ve never heard of will start to pop up instead.
3..) Expect your groom to say things like “just tell me when and where and I’ll show up.” Refrain from punching him in the face.
4..) Also refrain from punching people who tell you to just “keep it simple” to cut costs. Even “simple” weddings cost a crazy sum.
5..) Be prepared to field phone calls from your family for your wedding being vegan, being held at a farm and for recommending guests refrain from heels. Heaven forbid.
6..) Sometimes you will look forward to the day you quit being a wedding planner more than you look forward to being a wife.
7..) If you didn’t curse before planning, be prepared to start now. Also, be prepared to start drinking.
8..) Expect guilt trips about money from people you never asked anything from. Feel really bad about it.
9.) You may have debt after the wedding, but at least you’ll have fancy wine glasses from your registry!
10.) Glossy wedding magazines are just about as good as photo-shopped celebrity magazines for your self-esteem."

Thank goodness for kindred spirits in this crazy process.
Anne Shirley and Diana Barry ~ The Original Kindred Spirits
Image courtesy of onceaweekatleast.wordpress.com


The Run Down

Here's what's going down this week and weekend :
* Sealing the upstairs and staircase to prep for carpet.
* Finding out carpet is back-ordered and won't be available for install until the middle of February.
* Prepping countertops for new overlay, including sink removal.
* Picking up new Formica and installing over existing countertops (yay!)
* Installing new sink (double yay!)
* Securing a U-Haul for 7am pick up on Saturday(

Oh, and moving. Can't forget the official moving.... What a joy that will be. Sense the sarcasm? Layin' it on pretty thick here.

The fun part is that it means my parents and their pup Shiloh will be back up to these northern lands to lend a hand, and some home-cookin' will be traveling along with them.

I am seriously looking forward to February and getting to dive back into all things wedding. Maybe this whole house-buying sitch was just the break I needed to make me realize bazillions of felt flowers and piles of tissue paper and tulle aren't real work!
Silver lining.....?



Ready for more cute kiddo-ness?

My gorgeous Junior 'Maids are sisters Abby and Amanda, daughters of my cousins.
Mama Heidi sent along a preview of the cutest dress for Miss Abs :
Can't you just see it on this lil' fearless blond head?


Weekend Re-Cap

It was a dirty, grimy weekend. And no, not even due to the foot of snow melting in the pouring rain and making me wish we had an ark instead of a 4 wheel drive truck.

I'll stick with the trend and let the pictures do the talkin'.
Carpet Choosing with Martha Stewart

The Winner : Spud (not this dark in real life)
Painted Archway (dining and formal living)

Formal Living paint is finito!

Painted Master (bluer in real life)
And now for the dirty bit.... Look away if you're eating...
We tore up all the carpet pad.....
.....and wore masks and gloves like this......
.......because THIS is what's under your carpet, people!!! GROSS!!

Swept & Vaccumed on the right, NOT on the left.
Sorry. Pretty horrifying, eh? If that doesn't make you want to go rent one of those giant deep cleaner things from the grocery store I don't know what will.

I know we're all still shuddering.

But it does make the carpet price quote we got yesterday easier to swallow : Worth every penny!! I'm almost excited to go fork over the money tonight. .............. Ugh. So gross.


The Search is Over!

Okay, I know I've said it before, but I think I really mean it this time :

What a search it's been. But . They've been found on Etsy via LuxeDeluxe out of Edinburgh, Scotland. And how perfect is that, I might add : Earrings made in Scotland for my last day with my Scottish last name.
I've decided I'm wearing a vintage necklace I already own as a headband of sorts, and the leaf-like shapes in these earrings coordinate perfectly. And without giving too many dress deets away : Umm... Perfection.
All images courtesy of here
They arrive in about a week or so, and I cannot wait. Woohoo!!


Girly Goodness

Remember these sweet faces?

They'll be clothed in this on The Day :
Talk about girly perfection!


'E' for Effort

No one can say we don't have sweat equity in this house. Photo recap of last weekend's accomplishments... Go!
Morning trip to Home Depot for paint
Nate & his dad tape off the 2-story entryway

Tucker takes it all in from the stairs

color going on the entryway walls via scaffolding
snow continues to fall on the back yard

guest room #2 gets a coat

the color of the guest rooms
'Gazebo Gray' entryway! Look at the ceiling for contrast.
No one fell off the 20 foot ladders, only one extra gallon of paint had to be run out and purchased, and although I failed to get a picture, the giant master bedroom also was taken to task with a smart coat of Behr Premium 'Blue Fox', and both the upstairs and downstairs hallways as well as the stairway itself was liberally doused in the same 'Gazebo Gray' that graces the entryway.

Aside from a moment when I jumped about 3 feet in the air and about peed my pants thinking God was talking to me thanks to Nate, who didn't tell me he was 20 feet in the air on a ladder when I thought he was upstairs and stood nearly under him asking a question, all went smoothly.

And the tears of hilarity from my seemingly literal come-to-Jesus moment were a nice break too, once I recovered.


Because It's Pretty

Taken last night.

A Day of "Rest"...

Monday was a regular work day for me, despite the MLK Jr. national holiday, but I managed to get the day off anyhow.
Snow Day!
But don't take too much pause - It wasn't all scenery and hot cocoa.
I earned my keep by packing (and packing, and packing...), cleaning (and cleaning, and cleaning...), and determining that dust bunnies can be large enough to potentially develop nervous systems and be a threat to society as a whole.
Image courtesy of neatorama.com


Juggling Act

It's been a struggle to switch gears the last few weeks between Homeowner and Bride-To-Be.
Image courtesy of theclassywoman.blogspot.com
Planning and crafting for the wedding have pretty much been put on hold for the month of January, which I've been able to come to terms with, but in my mind that means that everyone around me should have come to terms as well.

Come on, people. Telepathy is the new black.

So getting a question about which dress should be worn in 3 months while trying to decide on which room needs to get painted today and where to get carpet and which fixture finish to get and what hole still needs to be spackled and hurry up because we have to actually move IN..................................

It's ugly, alright? So to all you wonderful, well-meaning, utterly lovely people in my life who've had their adorable little heads bitten off on the phone or in person by yours truly of late : Enter Official Apology Here.

 Image courtesy of loveyourspouse.org
.....But wait to bring it up again until after January 31st. Fair warning.


Work It Out

The one positive tie-in between moving and getting married (in what's becoming extremely near time frame!!), is that work outs are happening without having to really try.
Image courtesy of ckomorriscounty.com
I'm too busy hauling furniture, painting, tearing out carpet, and hoisting bins-o-crap up and down stairs to sit down and eat, and too focused on whatever task is at hand to care how much I'm sweating.

I'll take it!

Although here's hoping we're not so tired we look like this in April....
Image courtesy of filmsweep.blogspot.com


Happy Mail

'Maid Melissa and her hubs, [grooms]'Man Brett sent along some happy mail. Can't wait to put it up in the house!


House-ing Around

More tidbits... Because I'm too tired to actually write anything... And you're about to see why :
The pup wonders what the heck is goin' on...

Painting the Powder Room navy blue!

Carpet no more in Master / Master Bath

My Dad & Nate install the new Family Room fixture

Dad doin' work on Guest Room #1

My Fam (note the gorg yellow walls in the Fam Room!!)

Installed range and microwave & painted walls!

Mom & I & The Trash 'Bin' (aka : Dishwasher Box)

Nate & his dad doing some measuring

Carpet Destruction Win!!

Seriously. 40+ holes in this wall. WTF, former homeowners.