All Aglow

One of the first things I said during the initial walk-through of what was to be our house was "that dining room lighting fixture has GOT to GO". And just about one year later, I'm happy to report that guy is history!

And okay, by history I mean in a box in the garage waiting for the next Goodwill trip, but still. It's not dangling from the ceiling like the glittering gold eyesore it was, so I count it good as gone.

I've never been happier to use up the last of a gift card stash. Ready for picture-o-rama?
The old guy...
...with a spotlight in the bottom...
...and lovely black zip tie antennae.
And so we were left with a blank slate - well, a blank slate with a hole in it - and utter chaos happening in the adjoining living room (just keeping it real here, folks):
But on to slightly bigger and an enormous amount better!
It's on a dimmer, which makes it look like glowing candles.
And to save you a little scrolling:
I keep pausing to stare at it every time it catches my eye, and Nate's admitted he's been doing the same... Which means we keep lurking in doorways all googly-eyed as we peer at our new pride-n-joy.
Peeking from the kitchen.
And now of course the Ikea dining table with only three chairs and the builder-standard interfacing-like blinds are looking especially janky as the rest of the room comes together, but isn't a never-ending list of to-do's on of the joys of being a home owner?

I kind of love that. Endless possibilities.

P.S. Love our new light? We picked it up at Home Depot, and you can here.


Quick Craft: Kissing Ball

I hit Joann Fabrics this weekend with projects in mind - One being a holiday "Kissing Ball". With dogs afoot and the random visiting kiddo in the house, I wasn't too keen on having real (and really poisonous) mistletoe in the house, so was set on creating a faux version based on this live one by Martha Stewart:
My initial intention was to use up one of the styrofoam balls in my wedding supply back-stock, but once I got in the store and found this gem, the ease of use (and 50% off coupon) won me over:
But it was just too... fake. Too plain. So I grabbed a single (and on sale) stem of green ball-y things (yep, technical term there) to fill out the ball itself: 
 A package of faceted silver beads to create the berries that grow on the live version of mistletoe, and a roll of red velvet ribbon later, and we were in business:
See the beads?
I wish the photos captured just how cute and sparkly this really is in person, but you'll just have to trust me... or make your own!
 Here's a list of what you'll need:
1 ball of fake greenery* (or one styrofoam ball and snipped up stems of fake greenery to stick in)
1 stem of green-based embellishment
1 package silver (or white, or red, or clear...) beads
1 small roll ribbon
glue gun

And as for instructions: Affix your ribbon to your ball (I just tied mine into the interior plastic lattice). Snip apart your stem of green, and adding hot glue to the base of each piece, stick into the ball. Using small drops of hot glue, place your beads to add sparkle. Hang. Done!

Total cost of this project (with discounts): About $12
Total time (not including ladder-balancing hanging time): About 20 minutes

*I can't seem to find the greenery ball I used on the Joann website - Perhaps an in-store only purchase? My guess is a trip to your local craft store's floral section will find you something.


Random Round Up: Let's Eat!

Forget Fat Tuesday - This Thanksgiving weekend was a feast on all fronts... And leaves me actually looking forward to working out this week.
Mini Pumpkin Pies by yours truly.
Antipasto skewers - A huge hit!
Grown up cocoa to kick off our holiday weekend.
Beans prepped...and forgotten in our fridge. Sigh.
Jelly Belly... They tell you in the name. Why can't I stop eating them!?
 And a feast for these nerdy eyes: Massive backlog of projects (Christmas and otherwise) thanks to a double whammy trip to Home Depot and a nearby Joann Fabrics superstore.
 Expect updates on that spread starting this week!


Baby Steps

Mini-progress update!

Because sometimes you have to revel in those small, check-it-off-the-list moments.

Like finding the right fabric to make the window seat cushions (no, it's not ordered yet, and for the record this is a pretty terrible swatch in terms of included colors):
THE fabric, along with a couch cushion and the wall/bench color.
And FINALLY figuring out which white is the right white (say that five times fast...):
These all look "white" in the store. Ugggggh.
Like I said, baby steps. And I'm gonna celebrate every one of 'em.


Give Thanks

It's almost laughable how blessed we are as a nation. Even in our most down-and-out times, think of how much we have at our disposal. Take a moment today and say thank you, be kind, and appreciate all the good things surrounding you, both physical and intangible. 
Norman Rockwell
And eat. Eat a lot. 
Happy Thanksgiving!


Magic Muffins

Lately I've been seeing a lot of recipes floating around Pinterest that proclaim the magic of canned pumpkin. This isn't news to me, really, as my mom's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies have been an autumn staple for my friends and I my whole life.

But this new 2 ingredient movement was intriguing: One box of cake mix, one can of pumpkin, done.

Really? I decided to try it.
One giant can of pumpkin and two boxes of spice cake mix later (go big or go home), I'm sold. Next up: These pumpkin brownies I've been hearing about. One box of brownie mix, one can of pumpkin.
I did have to bake the muffins about 5 minutes longer than what the spice cake box said to to reduce the moisture, but I don't know if that was due to the use of pumpkin or me adding all the raisins I threw in. Either way, the benefits of pumpkin and getting to eat cake for breakfast?  Yep.

Kind of perfect for Turkey Day morning, eh?


Random Round Up: Girls, Girls, Girls

A week/end chock full of girly goodness with friends flying in from Pittsburgh and driving to my northern-lands from Sumner (WA) and Portland. Couldn't have asked for a more wonderful few days with a few of my most favorite people (who also happen to have been 3/4 of my bridesmaids).
What's girls' weekend without snacks and wine?
Melly and I outside of Lola
A little ombre mani-pedi action
My best girls
Printed jeans. I'm on board.
Ever-thoughtful Emily's card she left behind. Awesome.


Sam Spins

Something to make you giggle, starring Nate and his little cousin Sam in our kitchen last weekend:
This was about the third go-round (HA.) - He would ask for more by laying on his belly and scooting backwards toward Nate until he started spinning him again. Kept us laughing for hours!

Happy Friday!


Vote for Ella!

Remember these faces from my flower girl posts?
Well, the older of the two lovlies, Ella, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about a year ago. Yep, that precious little blonde muffin is stuck with needles and pain and sugar-free everything. Forever.


Unless a cure can be found within her lifetime. And people, that's not a far-fetched dream. Millions of people are affected by Type 1, but, as with any disease, the kiddos dealing with it are the most heartbreaking. Ella is such a trooper (not to mention her parents!), even marching herself to the nurse to get injections in this, her first grade year of school.
Ella and her family are walking for a cure at the Mall of America in Minnesota again this year, and if you are so inclined, make a donation to support them and the cause as a whole. Just click the link and it will take you to The Prose Family team where you can donate any (ahem: tax deductible) amount you wish, high or low.

Click here to support Ella!

Every penny counts, for Ella and for everyone touched by Type 1 Diabetes. Please help if you can!

 Want more info on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)? Check it out here.



As I was tidying up scrubbing things down from our week-o-sickness, I found myself thinking that it's the little items in our home that I love the most. Those little groupings that really define who we are and make our home OURS.

vi·gnette (vin-yet)
1.  An unbordered picture, often a portrait, that shades off into the surrounding color at the edges.
2.  A short scene or incident, as from a movie.
3.  To describe in a brief way.

Antique vase from my grandmother, a 7 to represent our anniversary.
Pretty gifted glasses and tray with custom lace from Nate's great aunt.
Boots and a good mat: Rainy season must-haves.
Beckoning cat, family photo, and fun reads in the coffee table.


Random Round Up: Under the Weather

We rallied toward the end of the weekend, but it was pretty slow going the last few days! Thankful for a job that allows for some recovery time, a hot mug of tea, and a couch piled with blankets and a warm puppy.
Frosty morning
Lots of this happening.
Taking care of me or just begging?*
Nate was down and out Saturday - Puppy heating pad, engage.
Last home U.Dub game of the season & last game at CenturyLink field - Renovated Husky Stadium next year!
Here's to a new and healthy week ahead!

*Did you notice the hairless bump by Tucker's nose? Don't be concerned - The vet checked him out and said it's basically a conglomeration of white blood cells that will disappear in a few weeks. Keeping an eye on it to be sure, but all's well. :)


Sick Day[s]

Just popping in to apologize for the lack of content this week - I've been down and out, even taking a sick day to stay home and sleep yesterday. On the upswing now... although Nate's taken a turn for the worse.

At least we can swap taking care of each other, I guess...! Have a great weekend.
dreamy. image


Random Round Up: Belated

A lovely head cold and internet difficulties equal out to a much-belated Random Round Up for this last week/weekend. Better late than never...?
Tuck is loving the fireplace being in action again.
Halloween nails
Candlelight on a dreary day.
Hawks Sunday game for a dear friend's birthday.
How is it time for the red Starbucks cup to be out again already?!
Errand Girl: Picking up balloons for Laura Bee Designs' 10 year anniversary!
Still a few leaves left to brighten a moody morning on the waterfront.