Side Yard Success

I went out to trim a hedge. Fifteen, twenty minute project.

I ended up with an extra foot of width on our side yard path... and a few more than fifteen minutes burned. But so satisfying - I didn't even know it was bugging me until I fixed it!
 We don't use the gate to our backyard on the daily - It's more just for getting the lawnmower back there and storing the yard waste bin. But our neighbors were gone for the long weekend, so I decided to seize the moment and trim our side of their hedge (we're friendly, don't worry). Hedge trimming turned into weeding... turned into getting rid of some of the vines (shown on the right)... and of course, it wouldn't be our yard if we didn't find something random:
Maybe camouflage Easter eggs are taking the hunt one step too far...
Gettin' after the weeds and vines...
And then, suddenly, I realized I'd been working for over an hour, there was a drip of sweat dangling from my nose, and I had made some serious progress:
Let's get a little side-by-side action, shall we?
I have to admit, I'm kind of looking forward to hauling the yard waste bin to the curb tonight, just so I can take it all in.

And I know I teased Tuesday that the cabinets are finally getting their long-overdue makeover, but I want to wait until there's a little more progress to photograph. They're coming right along though! Updates soon.


Random Round Up: Long Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend - I had a great one with two days of über-productivity and one of total relaxation. Perfect!
Friday night sushi take-out date. So pretty... so delicious.
Yep... The kitchen cabinets are in the works - FINALLY!
My sweet lil' guy.
The world's most ridiculous dessert (co-worker requested): A pie inside a cake. Yeah.
Nate choosing specific grains for a new batch of beer. It's so precise, who knew?!
Have a great (shortened!) week ahead guys!


With Thanks

For everyone who has served or loves someone who has, whether they returned or not, I am so thankful.

This is a day we embrace our friends and family, enjoying each other's company in backyards and on beaches across the country.

We're able to because of the sacrifice of so many and those close to them. I'm so thankful.
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Random Round Up: 50 Shades of Purple

I think I've mentioned it before, but the previous homeowners who managed the landscaping for our yard had a serious love affair with purple.

It's my least favorite color, but it's pretty hard to hate on flowers this pretty no matter what their color. Here's what's currently blooming:
A horticulturally-inclined friend said these might be some derivative of Chinese Houses. So pretty!
Don't know what this guy is. Any opinions out there? Tree-like.
Azalea, almost done blooming.
Dining room window Rhododendron
Any ideas? The prettiest variegated leaves and purple flower clusters.
Front walkway Azalea
Some form of Lilac - So deliciously fragrant!
Bleeding Heart
Hope your week is shaping up to be just as pretty. Nate's starting a new class tonight, and with me working on a big project at work, things aren't slowing down any in our house. Send me some energy vibes, guys!


Color Run 2014

The Color Run - "The happiest 5k on the planet" - came to Seattle again this year, so we couldn't help but sign up. If you've been reading for a while, you know I decided to sign up last year to challenge myself... And boy did I. I'm a life-long athlete, but hate - I mean HATE - running just to run. So the idea of doing it for 3.1 miles was not only groan-inducing, but kind of terrifying.

But. I did it last year and again this year, running the whole thing. Woohoo!! Here are some pictures I snapped through the fog of color:
Nate post-race in the color haze.
We found a great spot for a photo op from above the party before we headed home:
I wore way too many layers - Not used to warmer temps yet!
 Once we got home we took some less-foggy snaps:
The aftermath was pretty... smurf-esque:
Through my shoes AND socks!
After headband removal...
Luckily we got most of it off, but my toes are still a little blue three days later.
Last but not least, I tried to capture some live action of the after-party again this year. It's no where near as good as last year's GoPro video (we decided not to deal with carrying it while running this year), but it captures the color party fun nonetheless:
Color Run coming to your area? Check here and SIGN UP. Walk it, run it. whatever. Go do it.


Random Round Up: Au Naturel

You guys, it's been woefully quiet around this corner of the internet the past week, and I apologize. But quiet here means crazy-headless-chicken-style-busy in my actual three dimensional life. Woof, what a week!

Workshops and extra activities on the job, and all kinds of fun stuff outside of it: Friends in town, spontaneous house guests, Mother's Day celebrations, and of course, The Color Run Sunday morning.

We'll talk about that stuff later, but for now, let's kick of the week with some natural peace and quiet:
Sunset over the water from my in-laws' backyard. Gorgeous.
The lilacs are here. Is there any better smelling flower?! Dreamy.
A gorgeous Saturday to pick up our Color Run race packets.
Ok, not actually a natural occurrence, but I always love this sculpture at Seattle Center.
The lawn is growing like a, well, weed. Can hardly keep up with the mowing!
Happy Monday - I'll try to be around more as I recover this week!

And P.S. The lawn no longer looks like a jungle. Three cheers for the hubs.


Random Round Up: Laid Back

Eighty degrees last week, 50's and pouring rain for the weekend. Isn't that just the way?! At least the flowers are thrilled.
Lil' driving range time with the hubs.
New über-cheap nail polish art brush set (under $3 on Amazon)
And first round of playing with the brush set: Tie dye-esque!
After a 3.2 mile run Saturday morning - The Color Run is this coming weekend!
My week ahead is packed from now through Sunday night. Whew!
Have a good one, guys!