Have you ever searched for something you weren't quite sure existed? And yet you can't settle for anything but what's in your mind's eye? I think we all have: That perfect dress, haircut, partner, whatever - In this case, the perfect rug.

You may remember way back when I scored a great deal on a beautiful rug through Overstock.com for our family room. As things in our house have evolved, it became clear pretty quickly that while the rug was great, it just wasn't quite right. A little too small, and, if I'm being honest, the colors were never quite what I expected when I ordered online. Fine, but not perfect.
And so began the hunt. Apparently, it's a rarity to find a non-white-based rug that incorporates gray, yellow, brown, and black.
...Which, okay, now that I see it listed out, I kind of understand.
But after years of periodic searching... Success! And not only color and size success, but an unbelievable sale price to boot (under $150 for 100% wool, marked down from over $600 via RugsUSA.com).
I think we'll keep this guy for the long haul.
And the peacock rug will be happily put to use in our living room - A space that I really enjoy, but needs a little more life and color. I think this switcheroo will be a good start. The covered ottoman will probably follow.

Side Note: I can't believe how different our family room looks from that peacock rug post! God bless the flooring.


Random Round Up: Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day break! It was the typical Western Washington 'summer kick-off' here: Cloudy, gray, and in the low 60's. Luckily for me, that was the perfect weather to keep me inside painting the baby room.
All that yarn I bought a while back? It's purpose project has begun.
My sweet guy.
Testing swatches - We decided and executed! Pics to come later.
I felt like The Claw after painting for three days. Blisters are showing themselves today!
Perfect Monday dinner after a weekend of hard labor: Smoked veggie salad,
ribs, all topped off with a s'more.
Have a great - SHORT! - work week!


Quick Craft: Felt Appliqué

I'll call this less of a how-to and more of a... do-try-this-at-home post. It doesn't take a ton of skill, just some time and inspiration. I grabbed my own while perusing Etsy.

I currently have two co-workers who are close to having little ones of their own, and a joint baby shower was on the schedule. I wanted to make them each something personal, but not make one better than the other. Solution? Two little zip-up jackets from Target, a pile of felt, and some paper.
I first took a rough sketch of the space I had to work with, taking note of where the pockets fell. Then I sketched out my designs and cut them out, piece by piece. The paper went on the jackets first, to make sure I'd gotten the sizing right, and, after a few tweaks, I used the paper to cut out the pieces in felt.
Next up, a needle and embroidery thread. I wanted the stitches to look chunky and not quite perfect, to add a little charm. This is by far the most time consuming portion, but hand stitching has always kind of felt like cheap therapy for me. Nice and calming while being productive.
Hello Mr. Fox! A foxy look for a sure-to-be-handsome little guy.
For the awesome, flat-track-racing momma-to-be of a little girl.
Their last name starts with H, hence the letter in place of a number on the race bib.
I was happy with how both turned out, and the girls who received them seemed to really love them too.
You could transfer this idea to pretty much any fabric item: A pillow, an adult-size jacket, a handbag, anything! Give 'er a try.


Random Round Up: Bees, Blue Skies, & Beaches

The baby room makeover has officially started! I painted the ceiling this weekend - a task I now know I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy - and the rest of the room is prepped and waiting for paint. Exciting! Here's a few other things that went down the last few days:
Maybe it's the warmth, but honeybees love our deck chairs in the afternoons.
The ongoing saga of the backyard curly willow: Lots of new growth and
some steady rain broke the largest branch. So sad, but hoping it can
recover yet again.
Nothing better than a pup.
Sunday morning tide pool exploring.
Random Beach Round Up: Think this guy took a mulligan?
Looking forward to showing you a fabric-based project that was shoved to the wayside last week due to a busy workweek. Have a good one!


Random Round Up: Mother's Day Weekend

Another gorgeous one here, weather-wise, and some lovely company to boot.
Left my car keys in Nate's truck Friday... Luckily I have an amazing work friend
who was willing to come pick me up from my front steps!
My first ever Mother's Day card that wasn't from the dog! :)
Gorgeous weekend. Everything was out and about.
Buddies - Tucker and my parents' dog, Shiloh
Sweet hubs surprised me: Hilarious book and October birthstone ring!
Hope all you mama's out there had a wonderful weekend!


Kick In The Pantry

You can call it nesting, you can call it spring cleaning, but really, it's just that I reached a point of utter ridiculousness and it had to be dealt with.

The pantry.
...Although we started referring to it as The Abyss. Three-point-five-ish years ago when we moved into this house, stuff got packed willy-nilly into the kitchen pantry. I had plans to reorganize: Some more shelving, go through the crap that was thrown in bags and stuffed in, etc. But life happened instead. And that left us with hoping nothing would fall on our heads every time we opened the door.
Top and second shelf before. Avalanche warning.
Not ideal. So I set aside an evening and tackled it, pulling everything out, sorting by expiration date (result: yikes), and recycling up a storm.
Top and second shelf after.
Happen to have a similar problem? Here's how I broke it down, beginning at the top:
Top shelf: Light use: Grilling, empty growlers, seldom-used teapot, medications, dog supplies.
Second: Frequent use: Spices, baking goods, oils
Third: Canned goods and savory supplies (pasta, grains, etc.)
Fourth: Snacks and sweet supplies (canned fruit, etc)
Fifth: Clean! I left the foil and chia seeds resting there, but hoping this is where some baby supplies will land.
Bottom: Heavy stuff: Baking supply backstock, awkward seasonal dishes, reusable shopping bags.
Vast improvement. And less hardhat requirements.
At this point only about 1/4 of you who started this post are as nerdy as I am and still reading. Queue the Brian Adams.

But seriously, getting this done has changed more for me than having room for groceries. It's totally refreshing to know what we have: I've been coming up with dinner ideas more easily because I know what's stashed. We've also used up more things because I can see them and know they're there. Who would'a thunk... If you know you have it, you'll use it. It's all been a pretty delicious revelation.


Random Round Up: May The Fourth Be With You

Did you know May fourth is pretty much an actual "holiday"? Hilarious.

There is no place in the world like the Pacific Northwest on a 70 degree day. Green, crisp, warm... perfect. I did spend a little time indoors (we're starting to sort out the two bedrooms), but tried to balance that out with some solid time spent on the deck as well.
Nate got his first tattoo! It's gorgeous and completely unique.
Detail appointment later this month, then I'll show and tell.
Fact of the weekend: Tucker is the same size as an 18 month old human.
...And thrilled about it, clearly.
Sweet pepper jam from a co-worker? Yes please.
Gorgeous gifted basket from my friend Rachel is flourishing.
Whipping up some pillow covers for a friend - Cutest fabric for her nursery!
Have a great week guys!