2015 Here We Come!

I'm on a break from work (a serious perk of my job this time of year) and I have absolutely. checked. out.
Staying up late, sleeping in, snuggling the pup, watching entire seasons of Ink Master with the hubs, the whole nine. And it's been utterly delicious. I haven't even felt guilty about the wrapping paper and bows still being out on the 'wrapping station' (i.e. the kitchen table - that's what happens when everyone else hosts Christmas). But as it's New Year's Eve, it's probably time to call this my last day of lolling around and get going in 2015... tomorrow (unreal).
Do you make resolutions? I don't, but rather enjoy the 'fresh new start' feeling of January 1st. Time to pack away those holiday decorations and start anew.

Hopefully my fresh start comes with a clean house... If we don't find a new series to binge watch until midnight that is.
Happy 2015 friends!


Random Round Up: The Big Five-Oh-Oh

It's only appropriate that my 500th post on this little corner of the world come on a day with 'Random' in the title. Thanks to all of you who have made me feel like I'm not talking to myself over the last few years!
Some happenings from the weekend:
New work buddies: Glasses and Frosty
I'm missing my ugly sweater topper (hosting is hot!), but my work girls are lookin' "good"!
A White Elephant gift exchange for the ages.
Can you believe Christmas is this week? Hint: "No, I'm not ready yet" is the only answer I'm accepting at this time. Cheers, guys!


Random Round Up: Inside and Out

My silence here last week meant lots of to-do's getting done in my non-blog life. And thank goodness that's the case: I've felt so behind this year getting holiday boxes ticked, not to mention a series of annoying home issues (seriously, did all the light bulbs just make a pact to go out all at once?!). Anyway, tried to make time to step away and get some perspective this weekend, as well as the last bit of Christmas shopping.
When a favorite earring falls down the drain... You do what you gotta do. (Side note: EWW.)
Our house is so festive - The only time of the year I love when it's dark at 4:30.
A walk in the park.
Low fog makes for such pretty layers.
Crispy morning frost.
How are you hanging in this season?


Random Round Up: Sights To See

I think I'm finally starting to wrap my head around December and the holiday season. It's taking me a while this year! When I worked at Laura Bee Designs, a good chunk of the year was focused on December holidays, so by the time everything rolled around, I'd been ready for months. Now that I'm not involved with any retail cycles firsthand, I find myself having a hard time detaching from fall and Thanksgiving so quickly. I'm getting there!
A morning-after-Thanksgiving diner run with my parents. Delish!
One more shot of the now-gone snow from our entry way window.
It's official in our house.
My first trip to the eye doctor...
...which resulted in two sets of 'computer glasses' being ordered the next day.
Time for me to hustle on some Christmas shopping. Hope you all can take some time to look around and enjoy the sights of the season in the midst of the hurry this week!


Frost Flowers?

I've seen those viral emails showing amazing sculpture-like crystals called frost flowers, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it phenomenon where the atmospheric conditions have to be just so. They're gorgeous and rare, so you can imagine my excitement when I thought I found some in my own back yard during this past week's snow.
A little research tells me frost flowers may not be what I have here: The internet seems to think they only appear in certain areas of the US (Washington isn't one of them), and are actually attached to certain kinds of plant stems.
The patches I found came straight out of the ground, in an area of our back yard that is straight up dirt/mud (stop judging - we have moss issues in this part of the world). The vertical crystals had even absorbed a good deal of the soil from which they were rising.
So what do you think? What are these pretty little growths I found? They are long gone now that the temp has warmed and the rain has returned, but I'm glad I've got 'em on digital film. Nature is pretty fascinating!


Random Round Up: Catch Up

The Random Round Up is back after it's month-long hiatus, so let's get right down to business:
Time spent in the country - Little House in the Big Woods
Home Sweet Home
My neighborhood in all it's fall glory.
Snuggly Puggle
Hello wind, goodbye leaves.
Woke up to a white and sparkling Thanksgiving weekend.
Started the holiday decorating - Hard to believe 'tis the season already!
Happy December!