Our pumpkins this year!
And Tucker's costume this year - a Punk!

Taggin' the hood


Easy Update: Basket as Side Table

I'm going to post two "projects" this week that I'm calling Easy Updates. Quick switch-outs or updates that take only minutes but make a pretty big aesthetic difference.

First up, using a basket as a side table. I fell in love with this guy at Michael's this weekend (when I was 'just browsing'... whoops), and lucky for me, I randomly hit upon the 50% off baskets sale. Sold!
I knew just where this new addition was going to land - I stuck a technically outdoor plant stand in a corner of our living room that just doesn't float my boat, and it was time to switch it out. Funny how just the one change takes it from a little hodge-podge to interesting and warm (well, in my humble opinion anyway).
It's insides are empty for the moment, but I'm thinking it may be the perfect spot for our board games and puzzles that are currently taking up precious shelf space in my [someday-when-I-organize-it] sewing room. I wouldn't have paid the original price of $50 for this basket, but at $25 it was the perfect addition for this switch-a-roo/update.


Random Round Up: Home

With no sporting events to attend and no major plans, Nate and I stuck close to home this weekend and are better for it starting off this work week. Nothing like a couple naps and some extra puppy snuggles to get'cha ready to face a Monday.
Japanese Maples in our yard are starting turn from maroon to a brilliant red.
I was totally drinking the Christmas koolaid at Michael's... Love!
The neighborhood's all dressed up for fall.
Stormy Skies
Early morning MRI for Nate means latte and fashion mag in the waiting room for me.


Blaze of Glory

What to do with a dated fireplace and no desire to spend the money on a full facelift? Why the Botox of the craft world of course: Spray paint.

Presto-change-o, an upgrade in a bottle:
Not horrible, but dated and, well... gold.
We spend the most time in this room. Time for a change. (Husky v.ball on tv!)
High Heat spray paint?! SOLD.
We won't hit this temp, but good to know.
Off, outside, ready for a makeover.
Three very light coats and some dry-time later...
...Popped back into it's home and ready for action!
So much better and less... gold.
I'll have to figure out what to do with the inset still-gold trim around the edge since it isn't removable, but even if I never come up with a solution for that the result is pretty fab. I love that the fireplace is matte but the spray paint is a semi-gloss, allowing there to be some textural interest even though it's all the same color.

Funny how making something LESS of a standout is just what the room needs sometimes!

P.S. This is getting tagged with the 'Quick Craft' category too because the actual spray paint took about 10 minutes. The taping/foiling took about 15-20, and the dry time was of course 24 hours to allow for off-gassing before it came in from the garage. But super fast for this high of an impact. Love it! Spray paint strikes again!


Window Seat Complete!

Okay nearly, but the total structure is FINISHED, and all that's left to do is make cushions. So, so exciting - It looks like it was always meant to be there! Couldn't have wished for a more perfect outcome, and all thanks to my Dad's amazing carpentry skills and patience.

Ready to get inundated with pics? Here we go...
Tucker supervises as the last piece goes in.
Adding trim
Good thing those dogs are around to make sure we're on the right track.
Strength Testing Committee
Trim finished and ready for filler and paint!
Pre-finishing touches
Next up: Wood filler
And some plaster to smooth out corners.
So scary to do this part...!!
Gotta get ugly before it gets good.... I hope...
Now the pretty begins - Paint going on!
Vertical trim pieces to cover bench-segment seams.
Could it be...?? It's DONE!
And look at those corner seams - Gone!
And just to save you from carpal tunnel, a little [way] before and after snapshot:
 I can't believe it's really finished... Seems almost like magic that something I saw in my mind's eye pretty much from our first viewing of the house with our realtor has come to such (freaking awesome) fruition.

Shall we review the list once again?
*Build & Prime
*Rip out carpet underneath structure (and eventually put in flooring - can't WAIT for that)
*Remove baseboard trim from wall and place on bottom of bench (we went with new in the end)
*Fill holes and touch-up paint
*Adhere vertical decorative (and seam-hiding) trim to body of bench
*Adhere trim to front lip of seat cover
*Make cushions

Only one item left, and that's all on me.... So you can bet that will take a minute or two to get done. But y'all will be the first to see the results! I'll keep you posted.


Random Round Up: Project Weekend

A visit from the parents and some serious task completion on house projects is making me actually look forward to some dreary weather and being forced to stay inside and sort things out. Let the long Washington winter begin!
What my great state's known for, after all.
Some new dining room fixture ogling.
Project sneak peek!
Excited to make some pumpkin art this week!
Sleepy puggle snuggles
So. Many. Whites. Been trying to color-match the banister for WEEKS.
Like I said, some major task completion on the home front this weekend (windowseat! fireplace!). Photos to come this week!


Blast From The Past

A month or two ago, my parents showed me a letter my dad's grandfather had written his grandmother from his college dorm when they were dating. I love ancestry and meaningful antiques, so I was all over that gem. Written in 1908, I loved the sentence structure, the verbiage, the sentiment... And immediately saw it framed for display.

Luckily, I have generous parents, and it came home with me to carry out my plan.
See that bottom left stamp? 1908 - 104 years old!
Frames on the cheap from Marshall's (under $10 each, mat included)
"My Dear Margaret..."
"Miss Margaret Taylor, 9 Wright Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia"
Time to hang 'em!
Before - Blank n' Boring
I'm so in love with the result, and even though I wish they were in a part of our home that was more frequently seen by visitors, I really think this is the perfect spot. It's important that the over 100 year old paper and ink stay in a dim place, and although this wall faces a window, we don't get direct sunlight through it high enough to hit the wall.

Couldn't be happier with the first thing to be hung in the master bedroom - Makes me excited to get things on the walls here and in other rooms as well. Nothing like a successful project to get me motivated for more!

"...I am looking forward to seeing you in not so many weeks. I hope the day is near when I shall see you always. God bless you my dear and keep you.
                                                             Yours now and always,