Random Round Up: Delicious

Good food, good weather, good times. Hope your weekend was equally as lovely!
The apple sugar cookie bars won me the Autumn Bake-Off at work and a 'Spatula of Epic-ness'! 
I love this tree and it's mystery 'fruit' at work. What is it?!
Pretty pacific northwest Saturday night sunset.
Truffle-stuffed cupcakes - Yes, I'll show you how-to later this week!
A random VitaCoco booth at the Husky game - Take a pic with cardboard Marshawn Lynch for a freebie. 


The Power of Imagination

I don't know about you guys, but it's been a LONG week for this girl. I need a little levity on this dreary friday, and found just the thing - Enjoy!
Click on the segmented square icon in the lower right corner to make this video full screen.
Read the story on the Dreamworks animator dad who put this together here.


Random Round Up: Trying Times

A strange and exhausting weekend, waiting on tenterhooks for health news of a family member. We tried to carry on with our plans in place, but I feel twice as groggy as a normal Monday. Woof. Here are some brighter spots:
U-Dub ultimately took down Georgia State in what was a first half nail biter - Phew!
Fall wreath created last year is up once again!
Misty mornings and sparkling afternoons. Love September in WA.
'Tis true: The bottom half of the cabinets are in full swing... Finally.
Sawdust ev-er-y-where. Check out the pile up on my Fuel Band.
Have a good week guys.


Nothin' But Blue Skies

I think you've heard me say this a million times by now, but September is gorrrrrgeous in this part of the world. This weekend proved to be no exception, making it perfect for game day, park time, and anything else you could possibly want to do. Perfect.
Friday a.m. treat from a co-worker: Not the greatest tasting, but it sure was pretty!
New cross-training-specific kicks. Blown away by the difference in performance!
Happy 8th birthday and 7th year of being family to my buddy!
Pretty perfect park day.
The gorgeous morning skyline of the UDub tailgate parking lot.
Make it a good week!


A Moment Of Remembrance

September 11th is a somber day in the U.S.

I always find it a bit strange - Do we stop and mourn? Do we embrace life with a little extra gusto
in memoriam of those who can't?

As I do every year, I struggled with it this morning as I groggily flipped on the news to find a live feed from The Other Washington where names of those lost were being read aloud. I was already at work by the time the moment of silence was observed for those on the plane that crashed in the Pennsylvania field, and realized too late the moment had come and gone. Should I feel guilty? Should I take my own moment? Should I mention it to coworkers?

Just like the famous FDR quote regarding December 7th, 1941, September 11th too is "a date that will live in infamy". It's a day the United States - the world - changed. It feels like a lifetime ago that one could even traipse through airport security with a bottle of water or shoes on feet, let alone the new and pervasive culture of suspicion and fear that's come since.

There are so many mixed emotions every year, but it seems like a universal struggle. And just like we
came together as a nation thirteen years ago in our shock, horror, and pain, we can remain unified in our remembrance today. And all the feelings that come with that; they're okay too.


Random Round Up: Feels Like Fall

With football season starting up and a good solid rainstorm early in the week, autumn has started to rear her leafless head around this corner of the world. For my part, I'm slowly getting used to the idea of letting summer go - Fall is my favorite season, and September is usually a stunner in western Washington. So far, these first few days have proven that's true.
A beautiful fall-summer hybrid bouquet from my parents.
A crisp little evening walk.
Feels like it's getting darker so much earlier - Tuck is ready for bed!
First home Husky game - Eastern Washington knows how to bring the noise to the tailgate. Literally.
Over 100 degrees on the field. It may be September, but I now have tan lines that say otherwise.
And a glimpse of that rainstorm I mentioned - Thunder and lightening are a rarity around here, and I loved every second of it!
Happy fall, and happy week ahead everybody!


A Little Venting

Talk about a mini makeover: 15 minutes and 5 bucks got me brand 'new' floor vent covers. How? My beloved spray paint of course! Forget the twelve-dollar-a-pop replacements at home improvement stores. Grab a can and commence the making over:
White and way too bright.
'Look at me! I'm a vent!' Ug.
Because they'll get more wear and tear being on the floor, I figured primer was in order.
My usual Oil Rubbed Bronze was MIA, so a bronze-y "Textured Metallic" was the ticket.
Sprayed and drying.
Once dry (I left them in the yard overnight and into the sunny next day to off-gas completely), back into their cut-outs they went...
It's not perfect, but the color picks up some of the darker tones in the wood.
...and it certainly blends better than stark white!
Can you even pick it out back there in the corner?
My parents came for a visit last week, set foot in every room a vent was painted, and didn't. notice. a. thing.
And you know what? That's success to me. The more those little metal guys disappear, the better job I've done.

Spray Painting Tips:
*Keep the nozzle moving smoothly, 8-10 inches from the surface of what you're painting.

*MANY. THIN. COATS. It's so tempting to go for good coverage on the first pass, but resist the urge! Many thin coats will get you massively better results: No sticky spots, no drips, consistent (aka: professional looking) finish.


Random Round Up: Long Weekend Loungin'

There's something restorative about a three day weekend. Just that one extra day away from work makes the whole world a better place, eh? We did a lot without producing much, which ended up being just what the doctor ordered. A visit from my parents, a fantasy football draft, and a lot of lounging: Yes.
Eking out the last of the Seahawks-themed boquet from a few weeks back.
A healthier Pumpkin Spice Latte fix - Still perfecting, info to come!
Kickin' off our fifth year - Go team! Well, go MY team.
My buddy.
This sign at Jimmy John's always makes me chuckle and hum songs from Les Mis.
Have a great - short! - week ahead!