Random Round Up: The Land Of AZ, Revisited

Surprise, I'm alive!

We took a week off last week and headed for the Arizona desert: Palm trees, sun, and wonderful friends. What could be better?
A delayed flight made for a later-than-planned arrival, but still managed some pool time!
Have you heard of Top Golf? There are quite a few, but make it a must-do in Scottsdale.
New Adventures: A first-time visit to the Grand Canyon for all four of us!
Frost Gelato - Delicious and we even dined with a semi-celebrity one night!
My vacation souvenir? A horrendous cold. Pho and cold meds have me on the mend.
I'm healing up and getting back into the swing of things - More to come on the trip later in the week. Have a great one!

Edit: See the whole recap of the trip right here.

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