Random Round Up: On Being Gentle

Welp, here it is, a month after my last post, and I've clearly dropped the ball. Such is life with a babe, I guess. I've gone back and forth with being frustrated with myself for not making time to post, and realizing that some things are just gonna get out-prioritized, but truth be told: I miss this little corner of the world.

So, let's face facts: Posts may be sporadic at best, and content might be pretty mama-focused for a while, but I'm trying. And if that's my best right now, I'm going to try to be soft with myself and let that be okay.
No one doesn't look funny at the dentist.
Backyard camelia in full bloom already!
Mirrors are super fun!
Pretty dinner fixin's
Front yard cherry blossoms through a rain-soaked window.
Three cheers for everyone giving it their best, whatever their best-right-now is! Get it, girl.

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