T1D Tuesday: Get'cho Facts Straight

Every November I retire my Monday Random Round Up, and instead trot out T1D Tuesday for Type One Diabetes Awareness Month. 
You can learn about Juvenile Diabetes right here, and even make a donation to further research here

Let's address something right off the bat this month: Type One Diabetes is not caused by what you eat or how much you exercise. Kids don't get it because they're parents are lazy, and adults don't get it because they're eating fast food.
Type One is a tricky business, and the pervasive belief that those diagnosed brought it on themselves somehow is a frustrating reality. It simply isn't true, and it hinders funding for research as people don't want to open their wallets for a 'self inflicted' disease. ARGH!!

So yes, this post is short and sweet. That makes it easy to pass on. We'll get into some mind-blowing developments in the march toward a cure next week, but for now, spread this word. This one, right here: Type One Diabetes is not a disease for the unhealthy, fat, lazy, uneducated, or sugar-addicted. It can hit anyone at any time. YOU, even. The faster we support finding a cure, the better it is for us all.

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