It's Important. REALLY Important.

November is right around the corner, and that means it's Type One Diabetes Awareness Month! As you may recall, my Monday Random Round Up gets to rest for a month, and is instead replaced by T1D Tuesdays: A little spot where you can pop in, learn a little something, and spread the word.
The most incredible research is happening toward a cure, and I cannot wait to tell you about it (seriously, I save articles all year so I can tell you about 'em in November). You think the new Star Wars movie coming out is exciting? Ain't got nothin' on the real-life, special effects-type science happening in the T1D world.

And why do I care so much? In a word, Ella.
My cousin's daughter was diagnosed at age 7 with Type One, and it rocked our family's world. So much to take in, so much to learn, so many questions. Now, at age 10, Ella is a perfectly functional 4th grader: Sporty, fun, and brimming with life. She even takes charge of her own care, injecting herself with insulin and taking finger-prick sugar level readings without a flinch. She is a carb-calculating whiz, and educates other kiddos on her diagnoses with panache.

Basically, she's amazing. And why wouldn't I want to raise awareness to make her life - and that of so many others - better. T1D Tuesdays, comin' at'cha! Get excited.

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