Moments Remembered: Friday & Saturday A.M.

There will be a few of these posts, especially once I get pictures to trigger little tidbits in my memory...

I just want to list up a few little things I don't want to forget... It's all about those little moments, right?
*Friday: A day of mani/pedis (hilarity due to violently aggressive massage chairs), ring cleaning (and the scary clerk who warned me to not wear my ring because "anything can happen before a wedding"), snacking, a phone call with crushing news and tears (at sadness for the caller, not for myself, and all involved will be okay), and then a relaxed night spent with three of the best girls in the world (the boys did a 100mph bachelor party for Nate complete with paintball, brewery, bar hopping, and hotel-staying).
*Waking up an hour before my alarm on Saturday, forcing myself to stay in bed, and finally snapping a screen shot the moment my feet hit the floor to document the kickoff to my wedding day!
*Packing up (two FULL cars, one an SUV) and heading out to Lord Hill in the SUN!!!
*Arriving, setting up, and reveling in the fact that the parasols I made wouldn't have to come out to protect us from even a drop of water. SUN!! Did I mention? SUNNY WEATHER IN WASHINGTON. Crazy amazing. I couldn't have ordered better.

Like I said, more Moments Remembered posts to come - After all, that's only the day before and the morning of! I'd rather say things with pictures than just type a list, so I already have a few tidbits taken note of that will come out when I have some more photo documentation.

In the meantime, our first married day fell on Easter, and the glorious weather continued. So a belated happy Easter to all! Hope it was as gorgeous as ours.

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