Rehearsal Rehash

We had our rehearsal on the Thursday before the wedding (April 5th), and what a kickoff it was.
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Highlight Reel :

*Heading north to Lord Hill Farms with Emily and Kyle (groomsman) in the backseat trading barbs and keeping us in stitches. Stopping for beer at their behest at a drugstore on the way since we were early. ...For the record, I had water. With no hops or barley involved.

*Walking upstairs to the ceremony space to the sounds of thundering kid feet racing up and down the aisle above my head. All of my extended family had arrived when we walked in, and it made my heart so happy to walk in and see them all live and in person!

*Waiting and waiting for 'Maid Melissa and her hubs, groomsman Brett to arrive. Finally deciding to start and after a couple run-throughs getting a phone call from poor, sobbing Melly saying they had punched in the rehearsal DINNER address into the GPS from the airport, and were half an hour away in a different town completely. I found this pretty funny, Melissa not so much. All was soothed with wine and a waterfront view at the restaurant, and we met them there once rehearsal wrapped.

*INCREDIBLE food at our rehearsal dinner. French chef - as in, from France, not just trained in, - plentiful wine and beer, and a room full of love. I call that perfection.

*Capping the night with 'Maids and 'Men at the Mukilteo Lodge, a local cabin-chic sports bar. Pool, jukebox tunes, drinks and laughs. Everyone was tired, but ended up being glad we rallied and spent some more time together that night. Inside jokes were solidified, and referenced throughout the weekend. Love me some bridal party!

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