Home Again, Home Again

...Jiggity Jog.

Nothing like a 50 degree temperature swing to let you know you're not in Kansas Maui anymore! Brrr! I don't have it together enough to have downloaded the "real" photos and videos from our trip, but thought I'd throw up a few iPhone faves so you can have a little taste.

Random Round-Up Maui, go!
"Dream The Good Life..."
Mai Tai in Lahaina
"Our" beach - Kamaole I/Charley Young
Nothing like a palm to say 'tropical'.
Nightly sunset happy hour on the beach.
Hibiscus everywhere
Hope to have the better images and videos ready to go soon, and I'll certainly be posting probably a few too many here. 'Til then, back to reality for me! Aloha...


  1. Hey! I leave for Maui on Sunday. Any advice you can give me? Kelly

    1. Yes Kell, just messaged you on Facebook! Have SO much fun!


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