Treat to Eat

Have I gotten my Maui photos together? Of course not. But I do have a case of blogger's guilt for not posting very much in the last couple weeks, so thought I'd share my favorite Hawaiian treat:
Shave ice! Never heard of it? Well, picture a snow cone, but instead of crunchy hunks of ice doused in sugar, think more fresh-fallen snow with syrups derived from local tropical fruits all drizzled with the most delectable coconut cream/icing you could ever think of. Yeah. It pretty much became a daily pit stop.
Shave ice compilation (bottom L: blackberry & coconut w/Haupia... AMAZING)
 I'm not sure where one could find it on 'the mainland', but next time you're in the islands, don't miss it. So simple, so perfect (not to mention SUPER wonderful for this dairy-sensitive ice cream avoider)!

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