Pristine Aubergine

Remember the ugly light fixture from our dining room that I couldn't wait to ship off to Goodwill?
Well, I guess this is proof positive that if something sits in your garage long enough it can become useful again. I've been wanting a new, fun fixture for my someday-sewing room, and it struck me: That perfectly ugly but perfectly functional hunk of glass and gold in the garage could be made over.
 First things first: Pick a color, disassemble (get rid of that giant glass hood!!), prep (i.e. light sanding and a wipe-down), and paint.
 Painting came in a few sessions as it was a 360° job. Once dry, power off and up she went (Nate's becoming a pro at fixture hanging and wiring these days).
The quality of light is roughly a bazillion times better than with the old "boob light" (look at it... that's what it is), and I can't get over how much more personalized the whole room seems already.
Someday you'll get to see the rest... I just have to clear a path first. After all, it's only been a year since we moved in...... cringe. In the meantime: Hooray for mini-makeovers and free upgrades!
What do you think, can you believe this is the same light? I do love a makeover.

P.S. If you noticed some gold peeking out at the top of the fixture in that second-to-last photo: Yes, some of the aubergine paint was knocked off during the wrestling with the chain hanging process. Touch ups will happen with a little paint in a cup and a brush. It's high enough that as long as it's the same color, no one should notice a different application method.

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