Happy Hour

After some months of not being totally sold, I've finally come to terms and jumped on the trendwagon of the bar cart. Have you seen these things? They are ev.er.y.where in the blogosphere and available for a serious chunk of change at any trendy furniture shop (helloooo $1500 Pottery Barn version).
I really wanted to find a vintage version for both the look and thrift store price point, but alas, no luck even though we went hunting on several occasions. So thank goodness for the internet: Amazon to the rescue! Found this guy for a fraction of it's original price and some great reviews to go along with it:
Saving over $300 and free shipping? Yes please.
And thanks to a few gift cards, the price was spot on: $FR.EE

But then I opened the box.
The reviews said the directions were a little complex, but I didn't know I'd need an engineering degree.
Pictographic Hieroglyphics.
But since Nate doesn't have his yet, it was up to me... A couple hours and one complete take-apart later (I realized once done I'd put one piece in backwards - argh!), I had it:
The camera angle is on purpose because the more nice items that surround our janky Ikea table (and three sad chairs) the worse that situation looks... Someday dining room furniture will make an appearance! But until then, I'm focusing on the pretty new bar cart and the storage capacity it's freed up in the pantry. Time for happy hour!

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