Ottoman Reupholstering: The Bottom

I've been intrigued by the idea of reupholstering something for a long time, but a quick Google search for instructions always left me feeling intimidated. Granted, most of what comes up is for gutting and completely making over great-grandma's antique tufted sofa, so it might be a little more intense then what I had in mind. But still. Scary stuff.

So I screwed up my courage and decided to start small in the form of a $17 faux-suede storage ottoman from Target. This piece of furniture has been a trooper, and the black color was fine for apartment life when nothing went with anything else, but now with our espresso colored furniture and richer tones... Nope, not working. Aesthetically speaking. Functionally it's nearing Mick Jagger rockstar status.

One trip to the fabric store later, I was home with a gorgeous yard of upholstery fabric and ready to go.
The cream is the "right" side, but I liked the teal better. Well made fabric can be flipped!
Geometric pattern = Easy lines to follow for cutting.
So easy to pull one section too hard. Make sure it's square as you go.
I stapled into the wooden supports under the black faux-suede.
 And that completes the bottom half!
We'll pick it up here on Friday with the lid and the finished product. I'm sure there are a million and one ways to approach this, and I'm certainly no expert, but we've been living with the results for a little while now and I must say I like it more every day! So much fresher than that dingy black ultrasuede.

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