Ottoman Reupholstering: Lid & Results

Last time we covered (literally, ha) reupholstering the bottom half of the ottoman, so today let's put a lid on it.
Shall we?
Bias tape - You can make it yourself too.
A quick once-around with the sewing machine for me; By hand would be fine.
Make sure your corners look pretty from the top and sides.
 And ta-da! Fill 'er up, set the lid on top, and we're done. For the record, I chose to use bias tape on my raw edges instead of a standard fold-over hem (like on the body) in order to cut down on bulk. I wanted the lid to remain as flush as possible to the body of my ottoman when perched on top, so trying to reduce fabric stacking up wherever possible was key.
 Since the original design of the black ottoman had more pieces sewn together, mine looks a bit softer and rounder - Not as square. Personally I like squared edges, but the amount of work I would have had to do to keep that design element in tact was outweighed by the option of the wrap-n-staple easy road.
I think it's pretty cute, and so happy with the upgrade. Bonus: I even have a good swath of extra fabric left over, so there may be a coordinated accent pillow for the couch or armchair in my family room's near future. I'll  keep you posted. For now, one in the win column for D.I.Y. upholstery!


  1. Great job on the pictures and how to. Did you use an app to create the text?

  2. Yes, it's the A Beautiful Mess app developed by the sister team Elsie and Emma of one of my fave blogs (ABeautifulMess.com). So fun and I haven't even purchased the add-ons yet!

  3. ...Just for iPhone now, but they're in development for an Android version ASAP. Glad you liked it! :)


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