Random Round Up: Cold.

Not only have I been down and out with a cold, but if you haven't heard: It's COLD in this neck of the woods! The coldest temps in fifteen years, to be precise. With the thermometer hovering in the teens and twenties this past week/end, we've tried to get out for short bursts* and get well in the meantime.
Pretty flowers from my parents' Thanksgiving visit.
The pile of sweater I lurked under all weekend.
We did manage to get the house lit - Good work hubs!!
Even the pooch requires a sweater lately.
Seaside park flag at half-staff to honor Nelson Mandela's passing.
Have a great week everyone!

*Yes, Minnesota family, I know you are all having a good old fashioned eye-roll at we shivering Washingtonians. We're not as cold-hearty as you guys!

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