'Tis The Gifty Season

That pretty much kicks off this post in the right way.

Do you shop online for the holiday season? I do - Pretty much all of my gifts end up arriving at my door (I get to open 'em first, fun!): No crowds, no hassle, and I can get it done whenever I think of doing it with no parking lot spot stalking.

Thought I'd share a couple of my favorite online resources (no perks, I just love 'em) in case you're still on the hunt for a perfect gift. Click on any company name listed to be taken right to the site!

Mom/in-law, Sister, Friend, Any-Woman-In-Your-Life-Of-Any-Age:
Jewelry Galore: Both fashion or made with a special custom photo.
Ready-Made Handbags: From wallets to work totes, each is one-of-a-kind.
Custom Handbags: Grab a gift certificate and gift that special lady with a real treat. She chooses the shape/size she likes, then gets to pick everything that goes into it, from colors to pockets to lining!

The Fashion Hound:
 For $25 or less (for real.), you can get any number of on-trend necklaces, earrings, or bangles. So affordable  you may accidentally play elf for yourself while you're at it (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...).

Group of Gal Pals:
This place puts out a ton of gift packages, chock full of a variety of whatever the product is. Buy one and break them up into individual gifts - Everyone gets the same gift, but still personalized by you choosing who gets what. Paired with a little chocolate, this is pretty much my perfect co-worker gift.

The Ever-Hard-To-Buy-For Guy:
 From t-shirts to beer glasses, anything can be personalized on this site. Bazillions (yes.) of designs already exist, or if you're techie, you can upload your own creation. Search a keyword (Harmonica! Puggle! Bacon!) and be amazed by the options.

The Can't-Be-Pleased:
Amazon/Zappos/Target gift card
Because these guys have everything, that's why. Not to mention Zappos has a 365 day return policy, so your tough cookie can get their mind-changing money's worth.

Hope this helps - Happy shopping, little elves!

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