Random Round Up: Wintry Mix

There have been a couple forecasts of "wintry mix" - aka: rain, sleet, maybe snow - but so far: Nada. How 'bout a wintry mix of photos instead?
Time to help out the backyard feathered friends.
Replenished seed = Squirrels = Puggle high alert.
Do you know about this company? THE BEST socks. Locally at Laura Bee or on the web.
"Warm" enough to get a little beach time Sunday morning.
A cramped hand, but holiday greetings are finally getting out the door!
Have a great week! It's a big one for me as not only is it my last week of work before a much-needed holiday break, but - surprise! - I landed a new job (within my same company), and I start the day we reconvene on January 2nd. So that makes this is my week to tie up any and all loose ends at my current position. Lots of holiday goodness and new job nerves comin' down my pipeline... Cheers to that!

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