Onesie, Twosie, Redsie, Bluesie

I'm that person who doesn't really love to shop from a registry. Yes, I know you chose the exact items you really want and combined them in a neat, easy to find list for me. Yes, I appreciate the ease of you already having your address online so I can click one button and be done. Yes, I made several of those same lists for my own wedding. But you know what? Not personal enough.

So here's my usual: One or two items from the registry, one item of my own doing.
This time around, I have a baby shower to attend. Purchased from the registry: Some seriously adorable hooded bath towels and the requested brands of lotions and potions. My touch: Some hand-painted onesies. Who doesn't need more onesies?
I'm no fine artist, so I embraced the "hand-made" emphasis and went for cute rather than perfect. The kitchen table was covered with a towel, some Martha Stewart all-surface craft paint (leftover from this project) and a small craft brush dug out, and each onesie stuffed with a folded paper towel to grab any paint leakage, and away I went.
The whole shebang took me about an hour and a half, mostly because I would pause with my brush in midair to catch some NFL playoff action (go 'Hawks!). Depending on design, you could knock this out in even less time.
I let the little guys dry for a full 24 hours before washing on gentle cycle and drying as normal. Now the paint is set, the onesies are clean, and all that's left is getting that little man out of his mama and into his new fashions!
Just can't wait to meet him.

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