Random Round Up: All The Small Things

...Remember that song? Anyway.

Hopefully I'm getting the hang of this new job thing, and the posting will be on the regular once more. Fingers crossed for me? Hey thanks! That said:
Hemming dress pants for the new gig. Not my fave.
Did you know slugs could be cute? SO TINY (and now so outside).
Painting onesies for a dear friend's new tiny human debuting next month.
My first wood-based project: Practicing staining on scrap wood.
Oldie but goodie I forgot to post - Pretty early morning Seattle skyline.
And yes, we'll talk onesie painting and my project-o-wood in the near future - The latter may be a little further out due to supplies arriving from Amazon, but it's underway (ooo, teaser).
Happy week ahead!

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