A Little Venting

Talk about a mini makeover: 15 minutes and 5 bucks got me brand 'new' floor vent covers. How? My beloved spray paint of course! Forget the twelve-dollar-a-pop replacements at home improvement stores. Grab a can and commence the making over:
White and way too bright.
'Look at me! I'm a vent!' Ug.
Because they'll get more wear and tear being on the floor, I figured primer was in order.
My usual Oil Rubbed Bronze was MIA, so a bronze-y "Textured Metallic" was the ticket.
Sprayed and drying.
Once dry (I left them in the yard overnight and into the sunny next day to off-gas completely), back into their cut-outs they went...
It's not perfect, but the color picks up some of the darker tones in the wood.
...and it certainly blends better than stark white!
Can you even pick it out back there in the corner?
My parents came for a visit last week, set foot in every room a vent was painted, and didn't. notice. a. thing.
And you know what? That's success to me. The more those little metal guys disappear, the better job I've done.

Spray Painting Tips:
*Keep the nozzle moving smoothly, 8-10 inches from the surface of what you're painting.

*MANY. THIN. COATS. It's so tempting to go for good coverage on the first pass, but resist the urge! Many thin coats will get you massively better results: No sticky spots, no drips, consistent (aka: professional looking) finish.

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