Random Round Up: Feels Like Fall

With football season starting up and a good solid rainstorm early in the week, autumn has started to rear her leafless head around this corner of the world. For my part, I'm slowly getting used to the idea of letting summer go - Fall is my favorite season, and September is usually a stunner in western Washington. So far, these first few days have proven that's true.
A beautiful fall-summer hybrid bouquet from my parents.
A crisp little evening walk.
Feels like it's getting darker so much earlier - Tuck is ready for bed!
First home Husky game - Eastern Washington knows how to bring the noise to the tailgate. Literally.
Over 100 degrees on the field. It may be September, but I now have tan lines that say otherwise.
And a glimpse of that rainstorm I mentioned - Thunder and lightening are a rarity around here, and I loved every second of it!
Happy fall, and happy week ahead everybody!

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