A Moment Of Remembrance

September 11th is a somber day in the U.S.

I always find it a bit strange - Do we stop and mourn? Do we embrace life with a little extra gusto
in memoriam of those who can't?

As I do every year, I struggled with it this morning as I groggily flipped on the news to find a live feed from The Other Washington where names of those lost were being read aloud. I was already at work by the time the moment of silence was observed for those on the plane that crashed in the Pennsylvania field, and realized too late the moment had come and gone. Should I feel guilty? Should I take my own moment? Should I mention it to coworkers?

Just like the famous FDR quote regarding December 7th, 1941, September 11th too is "a date that will live in infamy". It's a day the United States - the world - changed. It feels like a lifetime ago that one could even traipse through airport security with a bottle of water or shoes on feet, let alone the new and pervasive culture of suspicion and fear that's come since.

There are so many mixed emotions every year, but it seems like a universal struggle. And just like we
came together as a nation thirteen years ago in our shock, horror, and pain, we can remain unified in our remembrance today. And all the feelings that come with that; they're okay too.

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