2015 Here We Come!

I'm on a break from work (a serious perk of my job this time of year) and I have absolutely. checked. out.
Staying up late, sleeping in, snuggling the pup, watching entire seasons of Ink Master with the hubs, the whole nine. And it's been utterly delicious. I haven't even felt guilty about the wrapping paper and bows still being out on the 'wrapping station' (i.e. the kitchen table - that's what happens when everyone else hosts Christmas). But as it's New Year's Eve, it's probably time to call this my last day of lolling around and get going in 2015... tomorrow (unreal).
Do you make resolutions? I don't, but rather enjoy the 'fresh new start' feeling of January 1st. Time to pack away those holiday decorations and start anew.

Hopefully my fresh start comes with a clean house... If we don't find a new series to binge watch until midnight that is.
Happy 2015 friends!

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