Random Round Up: Sights To See

I think I'm finally starting to wrap my head around December and the holiday season. It's taking me a while this year! When I worked at Laura Bee Designs, a good chunk of the year was focused on December holidays, so by the time everything rolled around, I'd been ready for months. Now that I'm not involved with any retail cycles firsthand, I find myself having a hard time detaching from fall and Thanksgiving so quickly. I'm getting there!
A morning-after-Thanksgiving diner run with my parents. Delish!
One more shot of the now-gone snow from our entry way window.
It's official in our house.
My first trip to the eye doctor...
...which resulted in two sets of 'computer glasses' being ordered the next day.
Time for me to hustle on some Christmas shopping. Hope you all can take some time to look around and enjoy the sights of the season in the midst of the hurry this week!

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