Random Round Up: Hangover

It seems like the whole state of Washington is hung over today. Not in the drank-too-much way (although, I'm sure there's plenty of that too), but more like the post-emotional-roller-coaster, we-came-so-close kind of way. People are just... melancholy. A Seahawks Superbowl loss will apparently do that to folks.
Tuck was less than impressed with the whole thing.
Those mint cookie-brownie bars from my last post were a big hit!
Pre-game - Happy and hopeful!
How I watched the fourth quarter.
This shirt was the only thing that seemed appropriate to wear today.
I know I'm probably supposed to be wallowing with the masses, but I'm pretty focused on the stellar season, the come-back win two weeks ago to even make it into the Superbowl in the first place, and a team that brings a state together like none other. Looking forward to next season - Thanks Hawks!

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