Random Round Up: Slow

I was internet silent last week, and that feels strange. Not even a Monday Random Round Up! The truth is, last week was crazy, and this week is shaping up to be no better. And I'm sure you can relate to this: When I get home from work lately, I'm tired.

There are studies out there that show the more bored you are, the more creative you get. Welp, I'm the furthest thing from bored in recent weeks, and it's really affecting my creative juices. I feel like a broken record saying I'm waiting for inspiration to strike, but, well, that's just the way it is right now.

Here are a few pretty pictures for the waiting room, at least:
New phone means new case, and I made another studded version. DIY tutorial here.
This floral case is by fashion designer Anna Sui.
A cereal bar potluck at work. Brilliant, right?
People are calling it "Februly" around here - My camellia is in full bloom.
Someone is enjoying the sun making an early appearance.
A birthday lunch date for the men in my life took us to a spot with a gorgeous view.
The goal is simple this week: Make it through without face-planting into my keyboard at work. Have a good one, guys!

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