Quick Craft: Studded iPhone Case

Since I already mentioned my inspiration for this project here, I'll launch right into the results... And man am I delighted with those!

As you recall, I started by ordering some iron-on studs, and I picked up a hard case at Best Buy on Friday when all the iPhone 5 stuff was available for purchase. I was expecting to get a case in a solid color, but was stoked to find a few patterned options to choose from as well. I landed on a floral version by Agent 18 that has a quality that always appeals to me: It looks like a fabric print.
I know what you're thinking - I'm not really a pink flower kind of girl. You're right. But what better to counterbalance fluffy pink peonies than some bronze pyramid studs?
Salty and sweet, my favorite combo. Many thanks again to Julie Ann Art for the inspo!

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