Random Round Up: Baby Zone

It was a crazy-productive weekend, and I couldn't be happier about it. We registered (um, so fun.)! We built a crib and stroller! I tried a new frappucino at Starbucks!

Yes, all equally important in my world right now.
First backyard rose bush bouquet. It's perfuming the whole living room!
"Cotton Candy" frap from The Bux in title, raspberry cream in reality.
Either way: YUM.
"What is this new kennel you're building...?" (and nursery wall color sneaky peek!)
Completed crib structure (still needs a mattress), with the quilt my mother-in-law
made for baby. Her first quilt ever, can you believe it? Gorgeous.
And for those of you asking for bump pics, yes, I am taking weeklies but not really posting them anywhere to avoid being 'that girl' on Facebook. No one likes her. But here's one from a week+ ago, when we found out lil' one is a he:
Have a great week! We're gonna talk New Orleans and planning parties from afar later this week, mostly to make sure you non-baby folks don't fall asleep on your keyboards. Happy Monday, y'all.

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