Random Round Up: All Kinds of Good Stuff

So many fun things for my birthday weekend! It was a tough bill to only choose a few photos to share today - I'm even leaving out an entire morning spent at an outdoor, once-yearly antique fair... But we'll go through that later in the week. One picture just wouldn't do it justice.
A potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience for the hubs. So exciting!!
What's better than a random 'I love you friend' note in the mail?
A 1926 Vogue cover captures the thrill of entering a new era of equal rights all over again in 2015.
Pedicures have a whole other level of amazingness pregnant. Won't be my last, that's for sure.
Nate's parents got a puppy! Cooper can't get enough of Tucker...
As evidenced by this crash landing trying to get close to the big kid.
Happy Monday!

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