3[0] Cheers!

I've been dying to share what's been being whipped up behind the crafty scenes of late, but had to keep it under wraps as it's all been in preparation for my besty Emily's 30th birthday celebration!

It all went down this weekend in Oregon, and after some prep work and a 4-ish hour drive, the Day-O-Celebration went off without a hitch. Check it out:
Em's friend Allison created a beautiful invite for a fun-packed day.
I was asked to create a ready-to-fill Emily-themed scrapbook. With pleasure!
Page Layout Fun
Tucker "helping" create the scrapbook.
Em starts the wine making process with sanitizing and pouring in the juice.
Party planner Allison stirs as Em's parents look on.
Kendra and Debbie & John watch the specific gravity being measured.
Em sprinkles in the yeast before the container gets sealed.
I made Em a Wire Heart Bracelet ~ tutorial here
I also made these bobby pin chevron necklaces (one for me, one for Em).  

  Similar tutorial here.
So three (times ten) cheers for the birthday girl - She's the best and deserved all the most wonderful things on her special day. Thanks for being you, Em - Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Looks like a fun time - complete with creative accents/items from friends. Glad you were able to share your projects with us post-celebration. Em's a lucky gal!


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