Rug Redux

First the bad news, then the good.

Bad news: The rug I ordered and was on tenterhooks waiting for to be shipped in mid-August from Urban Outfitters... Cancelled! So, so sad. I'd been creating little vignettes for the family room in my head knowing it was coming, and even Nate had brought up looking forward to it's arrival. SIGH. I actually talked about my excitement in placing the order here.
Good news: After looking through literally hundreds of rugs online, plus visiting some in person at places like HomeGoods (one just opened nearby, eep!), Target, and Ikea... We've found one!!! Who knew it was so hard to find an interesting-but-not-crazy, colorful-but-not-floral, sedate-but-not-grandma rug... for under $200.

Okay, well, seeing that list of criteria listed does make it look a bit more like the challenge it's been.

But without further adieu:
Thank you Overstock.com! Quite the thorough selection they have (uh, 131 web pages of 5'x8' rugs alone), and even though their shipping on everything is only $2.95 every day, this purchase qualified for free shipping to top it off. Still a pretty hefty investment in my mind, but the reviews are great and it should last pretty much forever with good care since it's hand-tufted wool.

This rug is ultimately a much more logical option as it has a non-white base color, and with it's destination being the most used room in the house plus the dog roaring around, I think we really have a winner.

Now, just keep your fingers crossed that this order comes through!


  1. Beautiful and you can keep it forever. (Plus, it's pug hair colored!)

  2. Totally agree with LB's comment - this will stand the test of time and dogs! Beautiful rug with a nod to the colors you adore.


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