The Wall

Sorry, Pink Floyd, but not yours. I'm talking a wall of bushy leafy-ness taking over one corner of our back yard.

I've been putting it off, not being able to make heads or tails of how many plants were actually there, what could be cut back, and what it would even look like once those things were done.

Plus I was pretty sure there were spiders in there with evil lurking in their hearts.

It's still not completely finished, but some major headway was made, a few hidden azaleas found (three, to be precise), and - with Nate's help shuttling armloads to and fro - another completely full yard waste bin.

Please excuse the terrible too-bright lighting, but:
 Bet you didn't even know there was a tree behind that giant bush on the left, eh? And a fence? That rampart of leafy intimidation (center right in the first picture) turned out to be a kind of tree, which I'm much more excited about than another hedge-y something or other. The now-hedge-y bush on the left is the Wedding Veil - aka Spirea - I talked about before, which was taken down to about half it's original size, exposing the tree and pretty variegated... something... behind it.

There were other pictures, but believe it or not, the two above were by far the best. Another couple'a hours of hard work and some decent results. I never thought I'd say it, but yard work is pretty rewarding stuff.

And hopefully I took a couple spiders out of commission with the HedgeHog. Just saying.

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