Quick Craft: Chevron Bobby Pin Necklace

In my last post I mentioned making Emily a chevron bobby pin necklace for one of her birthday gifts. It's gotten more attention than I anticipated, so thought I'd throw up some instructions on how to make your own if you're so inclined.

Spray paint
Nail polish (I used 3 colors: Black, Olive, and Gold)
3 Jump Rings
1 Lobster Clasp
1 Eye Pin or Piece of Thin Wire
Painter's Tape
Jewelry Pliers (or other small, round-nosed pliers)


I used these eye pins, but you could easily use wire and form your own loop at the top.
 Create one side of your triangle for your bobbies to hang on by bending an angle into your eye pin or wire. String on bobby pins (I used 8 in this example), making sure the flat back side is facing forward. The flat side is a much better medium for painting your chevron stripes.
Once your bobbies are on their hanger, bend the other side of your wire upwards, creating a triangle (or in my case, a rounded-triangle-like) shape. Fix the two ends of the wire together. This is what your jump ring will attach to, allowing your chain to be strung through it and your necklace to face forward.

I tipped the bobbies in black, just to make them look more uniform.

Add a jump ring to each side of your chain, adding the lobster clasp to one side.
The longest part is waiting for the spray paint base to dry, which you could probably skip if you left the bobbies their natural brown color, using lighter and brighter tones of nail polish so the stripes still stand out.
Tada! Enjoy your new jewelry!

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  1. I found some solid-color bobbies in the kids section at Grocery Outlet that would be perfect for this project.


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