Quick Craft: 3-D Felt Ornaments

 We'll call this a 'loose tutorial' - If you'd like more specifics, please ask.

As Christmas rapidly approaches, some of us might be struggling with those hard-to-buy-for folks on our lists. Tree ornaments are pretty safe gift, and so easy to personalize if you know a thing or two about your giftee.

Last year I decided ornament sets would be a fun thing to make for my girlfriends, and after scanning the globe internet, I decided to make 3D felt versions of some of their favorite things (cue the Julie Andrews and children in curtains).
What You'll Need:
Paper (any kind - I used plain ol' computer-style)
Stuffing (PolyFill, Buffalo Snow, etc)
Assorted Felt sheets
Needle and felt-matching embroidery thread(s)
Ribbon (optional)
Beads (optional)
Glue (hot or fabric - optional)

I decided what theme I was going for for each set, sketched little shapes onto my paper, then cut them out to use as patterns.
Once all my pieces were cut out of the felt, I embellished those that needed it by hand stitching on things like beads (you could do this with glue if you're not so into the sewing thing), and then hand stitched around the outside edges of each ornament, pausing to cram in stuffing before the last few stitches went into place.

I added a ribbon loop at the top of each ornament by folding a piece of ribbon in half and fixing it in place as I stitched the outside edges of the ornaments, but you could easily poke a wire ornament hanger through the thin felt for the same effect.

Here are my results:
Sushi for Em
Twilight for Mel (yes, the E sparkles)
Cake and doggy desserts for Paula
And since those turned out so well, I made one for each of my immediate co-workers as well:
 Clockwise from top L: Headmount, Yarn & Knitting Needles,Whisk, Holiday Tully's Cup, Fish
Hand-stitching is a little time consuming, but the result is worth it, and how fun to contribute something that will be a part of your friends' Christmas year after year.

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