Rope-Wrapped Monogram

...AKA: The Quick Craft That Wasn't.

Here I thought I had a quick and simple gift idea that would be not only cute, but personalized too.
Well, I hit 3 out of 4 by those standards, but speedy it was not.

The results, however, ended up being worth the time and jute-worn fingers. Take a look:
Begin with a hollow cardboard letter (bought at Hobby Lobby).
Add in scissors, glue gun, and jute rope or twine.
Start with the ends that will need to be wrapped separately.
Glue flat, then up sides.
All ends covered? Now time to wrap the body.
Begin wrapping strand and covering rough edges of wrapped ends.
Wrap, wrap, wrap, beginning new piece of jute when necessary.
Add texture and personalization anywhere.
Easy? Yes. Fairly mindless? Yes. Quick? NO.

This 'N' took me over an hour, and with a few more letters to churn out this week, it looks like I've got my evening t.v. time activity set up for the next few days. A pretty satisfying result though - I have  a 'J' for our own home that's about twice the size of the 'N' shown here, so that might take some extra gearing up for before it gets done.

No one says you have to start and finish one of these all in one sitting either - I might have griped about the time it took, but mostly that's because this one was on a deadline and I was expecting it to be quick. Highly recommend trying this on your own!

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