Quick Craft: Bannister Bows

Now that we're in a house, I've found there's a lot more area to cover when it comes to decorating for Christmas. I'm not going crazy or anything - Haven't branched into multiple tree territory or decorative snowman towels - but sometimes I walk past something and think 'that could use a decoration'.

Take our bannister for instance.

It's the first thing you see when you come in the front door, so why not be greeted with a little Christmas cheer? Here's what I did in about 10 minutes:
I began with a weird hanging decoration from Micheal's Craft store (50% off)
Rope and pinecones: Super cute.
Crazy glitter-clump fake poinsettias: NOT cute.
One quick snip....
...and the pine cones were free!
Next up, getting those pine cones attached to each other and to a bow. To combine the pine cone ropes, I simply tied two together. That's it.
Red velvet bows - $1.50 each at Micheal's
To adhere the bow, I used the twist-tie the bow was attached to it's cardboard hanger with: It was already twisted around the bow, so a little extra hot glue to make sure it was stable was all that needed.
Next I just took the top of my rope, held it into the glue, and gave the twist-tie a secure turn around the rope. That way it was now both glued and wired onto the bow.
Ready for the final result? To attach to the bannister, all I did was twist the remainder of each twist-tie around the knob on each side.
Seriously ten minutes tops (I completed mine start to finish while on the phone), and I spent under $10 for something I can pull out year after year.

Quick, cheap, cute, done.

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