One Year Later

It's our anniversary!

It won't be a romantic one... although we are very much still in love... Have you guessed it?
It's been one whole year since we officially moved into our first home! Hard to believe. One year and one month ago yesterday (aka: December 31st, 2011) we were handed the keys, and after taking a month to paint, replace countertops, put in appliances, and generally work a second 40 hour/week job each, we were in on February 1st, 2012.

So much has developed and improved since that day, and although you've seen quite a bit of it by following this blog, I hope to post a more thorough then-and-now soon (ahem, when the house is clean). For now, here are two I found on my phone this morning:
Then: White on white on white in the entryway.
Now: Soft gray with pops of white and oranges.
Then: White wall with too many spackled holes to count in the family room.
Now: Soft yellow with a library table scattered with photos and art.
Thanks to everyone who's advised us, sweated with us, and generally kept us sane through this first year of home-ownership. Cheers to whatever comes next!

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