Scratch and Dent

Do you like a bargain?
Silly question, I know. Who, after all, doesn't like a bargain. Well, I'm here with a little tip so you can track one down...

Much like the scratch and dent area of an appliance store, some clothing stores have a rack for altered or refinished garments. Now sure, this can mean hemmed-way-too-short pants or a sweater unraveling faster than Lindsey Lohan, but it can also mean a great piece of clothing with a hidden flaw or one that's easily fixable.
 I found the altered or refinished rack at my local Nordstrom Rack this weekend (it's not always there) and picked up a 100% cashmere cardigan for under $25 - 75% off the original price tag - because of a very fixable nick in the sleeve. Ten minutes with a needle and thread and it was good as new.

Keep your eyes peeled at outlet-type stores especially, and you may just walk away with a great piece and money in your pocket.

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