Just Brew It 2 - Bottling

 First things first: Happy Birthday Dad!!

I talked about our adventure in brewing our own beer for Nate's 30th a few weeks back, and this weekend was our allotted time to come back and bottle our concoction. Armed with a smaller group (just 4 of us this time around), we came, we assembly-lined, we conquered.
Bottle sanitizer (even though they're new it's still required)
Loaded up and ready to get squeaky clean!
Picking out the cap color - 1 for each of our 2 brews.
Nate filling, Roger "quality control", Adam capping, yours truly boxing.
Go team!
I, of course, made friends with Winston, the giant shop dog.
Packed up and ready to enjoy!
 ...Thank goodness for a cold garage.

But it will be fun to share with friends and family in the coming months. And yep, Nate's already saving the bottles we purchased this time around for the next brew-your-own excursion. I guess that means it was a birthday hit!

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