JDRF & Walgreens

I'll admit it: I love shopping at Walgreens. Somewhere between the vitamins and nail polish I get lost in there every time I go. The options! The new products! Anyway. The real purpose here is to praise them for teaming up with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for the month of July.
Walgreens has made it so easy - If you're making a purchase in-store, just swipe your card and the reader will ask you if you want to make a donation. You get to push a button for the amount, and that's it. You're a better person and JDRF gets some much needed funding. Paying with cash? Buy a piece of paper with a bar code on it at the counter and the cashier will swipe it in.

Don't shop at Walgreens? Still easy: Click here and you can make an online donation through the JDRF website.

I've talked about it before, but knowing a child with Type 1 Diabetes really changed my perspective on the whole disease. Spending the last week with her and watching her prick her fingers without a wince, take her shots like a champ, and listen to her calculate carb counts in her head faster than I could was mind blowing. JDRF deserves as much support as I - we - can offer. For Ella, and for all the kiddos who have to deal with this scary stuff every day.
Remember - It's the month of July only for donating at Walgreens. It's already the 17th: Get in there!!

Update: There's more you can easily do - I just filled out this form last night and it took me 5 minutes. It will be sent to your personal state's senators based on the information you fill out. Technology is amazing, and so is the research being done. Take 5 minutes and do it!

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