Mini Celeb

I'm back from a fabulous vacation with a funny happening: I participate in an online marketing community called CrowdTap - It's a lot of fun, and has gotten me some pretty fun swag over the past two years, from gift cards to free clothes and household items. I answer questions posed by different brands (from Old Navy to HGTV to Woolite, to name a few), and they in turn use the community's feedback to better develop their marketing strategies.

Long story short, I received an email yesterday from Mollie at Crowdtap headquarters in NYC telling me I had been chosen to be their first featured member highlighted as "Tapper Of The Week" on their blog and Facebook page. A few questions answered and a photo sent, and voila! I get to be a mini celebrity. Fun!
You can see the whole 'interview' right here, and, if you're so inclined, get to know Crowdtap through their website and blog.

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