Future-Kitchen Glimpsin'

More trim painting! I know you were waiting for it. On the edge of your seat too, I'm sure.

Okay, it's a far from thrilling process, but the impact of such a little change is making me happier in the here and now, and super excited to see the process completed. So I guess we can call this the in-between, motivating-me-to-keep-going portion of the program? Sure.
This time the windowsill behind the kitchen sink and the trim above the pantry were overhauled. The sink sill may have looked okay (minus the ugly color), but get up close and personal and it was one big ol' mess.
I did the same sand-degloss-prime-paint system I used before, and presto change-o, smooth and clean. As for the trim underneath it - I'm foregoing painting that in the hopes that it will be extra motivating for us to get our backsplash on someday soon.
The pantry trim got the same treatment, plus a little bonus of a quick gold-to-silver spray paint makeover for the door knob. It's kind of a stop-gap: Not perfect and probably not durable enough for long-term use, but I don't want to buy a random knob prior to getting our kitchen cabinet hardware. Just happy it's not uber-brassy gold anymore (it was the only thing in the kitchen that was).
Like I said, these make me so excited to jump on the rest of the kitchen cabinet overhaul project - As tedious and annoying as it will be. A little glimpse of good things to come at the end of the tunnel!

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