Random Round Up: Four Funny Facts

Four little-known/asked-about things from around the house:

1) The Found Frog Statue. Even though my first thought was to thrift 'em, those tacky lil' froggies won me over. They've remained right where they were found - Just didn't have the heart to kick them out of their home. Perhaps a paint job someday so they look ceramic or stone, but yes, they're permanent fixtures now.
2) There's a broken light fixture in the hall. Remember all that baseboard work? Well when the floors were going in, all that miles-o-baseboard was stashed upstairs in a guest room, and one particularly long piece took out one of the hall lights. I have to admit, I wasn't sad to see it go. Unfortunately it's still hanging out near the low-end of the priority list to be replaced... Someday: Two cool fixtures in the upstairs hallway!
3) I hate the color we painted our master bedroom (Behr Premium Blue Fox). I was on board when I was slapping it on the walls, but now it reminds me of surgical scrubs. Yeah. Awesome. Even better? I have NO IDEA what color I want to repaint it ('nor the motivation TO repaint it).
4) You can hear sea lions barking nearly every morning from our backyard. The saltwater is just on the other side of the greenbelt our house backs up to, and since I take the dog out pre-6a.m. daily, I hear them in the quiet all the time.
So there you have it, four little quirks. Happy Monday!

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